Two Important reminders for parents and students:

All visitors to the school MUST report to the office upon arrival. It is quite natural for parents to want to walk their child to class or help them get ready to go home, but we must insist that you wait in the office. There is a sign-out sheet in the office and all students should be signed out when leaving throughout the school day. It is extremely important for us to know who is in the building at all times, and we appreciate your understanding in this matter. This is for both morning drop-off and afternoon pickup.
There have been a number of students arriving before 8 am. We would please ask that your child does not arrive before 8 am. Teachers are not required to be here until 8 am and if they arrive before this there may not be anyone there to supervise them. The buses arrive at 8:15 with students.

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Meet the Teacher

We are looking forward to seeing parents/guardians tonight at Meet the Teacher. We will meet in the gym at 6pm.

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Changes to our lunch program

Our lunch and milk program is beginning next week. Bray’s Independent will be providing us with 4 out of the 5 days of lunches. On Friday we will still be getting pizza from Greco. I am posting a picture of the meals that will be provided by Bray’s Monday through Thursday. These meals will be $2.75 per day and pizza will still be $2.00.
Monday will be one piece chicken tender with wedges.
Tuesday will be fruit and veggie platter, mini go, yogurt, chesse string, melba toast, grapes, apple slices, carrots and cucumbers.
Wednesday will be a cold plate, crackers, ham and turkey, grapes, apple slices, cheese string, carrots, cucumbers, and raisins.
Thursday will be turkey wrap with veggies and cheese, grapes, apple slices, carrots, cucumbers and raisins.

Image may contain: foodImage may contain: foodImage may contain: foodImage may contain: food

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School Supply Lists

The school supply lists for the 2017-2018 school year are posted under the Parents link on our homepage. Have a great summer everyone!

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Staff Changes

We are saddened to announce that we will be losing a wonderful teacher. Carla Butt is being transferred to O’Leary Elementary and while we will miss her very much we know that O’Leary is very fortunate to have her on staff.

As well, Jane Blanchard, our custodian will be retiring at the end of the summer. We would like to wish Jane all the best on her retirement!

Finally, we would like to welcome Wayne Wilkie on staff. Wayne will be replacing Jane as our day custodian.

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Bus Stop Reminders for next School Year

Many bus routes, especially in the Charlottetown area, have been re-designed to accommodate zoning changes. The redesigned bus routes may result in students traveling on different buses and at different times in September than in the current school year. Please check your September bus information using the bus stop utility on the Public Schools Branch website even if they have not been affected by the zoning changes. The information can be accessed at the following link:  This website will be available on June 26. The Branch will be running radio ads in late August to inform and direct parents how to access this information.

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Dental Clinic

Attention Parent/Guardian:

The Dental Preventive Clinic will be operating at Alberton Elementary starting the first week of June 2017.

Purpose of Dental Clinic: Screen children to assess the risk of oral disease; provide oral health education, topical fluoride, scaling/polishing, and sealants, according to your child’s individual needs.

Screening: All children will be seen for a two-minute screening to determine their risk of oral disease.

Consent: After the screening, all children whose parents have verbally consented, will be provided with the services as recently discussed via telephone.

Fees: There is no cost involved as the preventive services are covered by the Children’s Dental Care Program.

Contact: If you have any questions about the program, please contact the dental staff at the School or the Dental Public Health Clinic in Summerside at 888-8145.

Further Information: Please note that only preventive services will be provided and the screening is not a substitute for an annual dental examination. It is strongly recommended that parents take their children to a dentist for regular examinations and treatment. The Children’ s Dental Care Program assists with the cost of basic dental care delivered in private and public dental offices for children from ages 3 – 17. For more information, please visit
and click on the following link for the program brochure

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