October 20, 2016





As you are aware, we are presently under a school review and we need your support to ensure that our school, Alberton Elementary, will not close.  We should not assume that our school is safe and will remain open.  It is vital at this time that we ban together and stand strong to keep our elementary school in the Alberton community.

Our enrollment is critically low but this does not have to be the case.  Our catchment (zoning) numbers are the second highest in the Westisle family of schools.  This means that if our school was dual track, (French Immersion and English) all our children would not have to leave this community on longer bus rides and our classrooms would be full.  There is also no end to the support we have in the town of Alberton being close to services at Western hospital, Bray’s Independent, drugstores, banks and within walking distance of Jacques Cartier Rink, Maplewood Manor and the Library.

We have scheduled a meeting with Bob Andews, Director’s Delegate for the Public Schools Branch, to discuss the importance of keeping our school open.  Now more than ever we need you so we are asking that EVERYONE send letters of support by Wednesday, October 26, 2016These letters can be emailed to , sent to school with your children or dropped off at the school office.


Sincere thanks from Alberton Elementary Staff and Alberton Elementary Home & School









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Westisle Consultation Plan

Attached is a copy of the Consultation Plan. It also includes the School Review Factors which will be considered in the Category II Study. Bob Andrews will be looking for stakeholder feedback on:
– School Review Factors,
– Viable “options for change”, and/or
– Implications “options for change” may have on the school community.

You can find the link to submit online comments on the Better Learning For All website.

I encourage your participation in the process.


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CHANCES After School Program

CHANCES Before and After School Programs are know as Smart Play.  It is a licensed high quality child care program for school ages children.  There is also child care available on professional development days and during the summer if needed.  Alberton Elementary and CHANCES are looking at partnering if this is an interest or need in our community.  Please click on the links below for more information.  If you want more information or a registration packet, please message Jennifer Rozell on Facebook.

chances                                    chances2                                          chances-3

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Link to the School Review Web Page

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Board of Director’s Review of Schools Resolution


Public Schools Branch




TO:                         Heidi Morgan, Principal, Westisle Composite High School

                                Shanna Perry, Principal, Alberton Elementary School

                                Andrew Stewart, Principal, Bloomfield Elementary School

                                Jason Cormier, Principal, Ellerslie Elementary School

                                Patti Sweet, Principal, Hernwood Intermediate School

                                Mary Lee Doucette, Principal, M.E. Callaghan Intermediate School

                                Susan Trail, Principal, O’Leary Elementary School

                                Michelle Lewis, Principal, St. Louis Elementary School

                                Mike Ellsworth, Principal, Tignish Elementary School


CC:                         Susan Willis, Board Chair

                                Bob Andrews, School Reorganization Project Manager

FROM:                  Parker Grimmer, Director

DATE:                    October, 3, 2016

RE:                          Board of Director’s Review of Schools Resolution


On behalf of the Public Schools Branch Board of Directors and in accordance with the School Change policy, you are being provided with a copy of a resolution the Board passed on September 27, 2016, as your school will likely be affected.  The resolution is in response to the Review of Schools recommendations.


Be it resolved that the Board of Directors accept the recommendation in the Review of Schools for the Westisle Family of Schools that a more in-depth study of the Westisle Family of Schools be done and that options for a Category II Change be explored for the following schools:

  • Westisle Composite High School
  • Alberton Elementary School
  • Bloomfield Elementary School
  • Ellerslie Elementary School
  • Hernewood Intermediate School
  • E. Callaghan Intermediate School
  • O’Leary Elementary School
  • Louis Elementary School
  • Tignish Elementary School


Please provide a copy of the resolution, as soon as possible, to the following people:

  • All staff at your school; scheme
  • The parents of students attending your school;
  • All adult students attending your school, if applicable; and
  • The president or chair of your school’s school council/home and school association/parent advisory group.


The Review of Schools, recommendations, resolutions and additional information have been posted on the Better Learning for All website at:


Reasonable opportunities for further discussion, the exchange of data and an exploration of options will be made available to interested persons and affected parties. Once the final report and recommendations have been completed, the Board will receive public input over a 60 day period before making its final decision.


If you have any questions, please contact Bob Andrews, School Reorganization Project Manager at or 902-368-5868.


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Volunteer Application

We love our volunteers! We have a link on our website to the volunteer application form. In order to be a chaperone, volunteer for breakfast program or other activities within the school all volunteers are required to have this form completed. If you would like to pick a form up from the school or print one from this site we would be happy to have you. You simply need to fill out the form and have a criminal record and vulnerable sector check done through the RCMP and bring them into the school. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Changes to bussing

Hello everyone, as most of you are aware we will be moving from 6 buses to 4 and there has been some changes with our bus drivers. I have had some parents mention that they are having difficulty with the PTM Routing website which will give you the pick up and drop off times for your child’s bus route. I am attaching the link in hopes that people are able to access the site. The login is: Public2010 and the password is: Public2010 (the P must be a capital and it is all one word)
Once you get this far you will need to enter your civic address.
Good luck!

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